v1.4 (08/04/2014)

  • Added extension manager for adding/deleting file associations.
  • Added option to change the text view font
  • Fixed export problem present in version 1.3
  • Added Romanian (thanks, Florin David!)

v1.3 (13/02/2014)

  • Added Unicode filenames compatibility.
  • Now, MediaTab remembers your favourite view (text/tree, basic/advanced)
  • Added Italian (thanks, Luca Gori!)
  • Added latest Mediainfo's version (0.7.67)
  • Minor bugs fixed and stability improved.

v1.2 (03/01/2013)

  • Added Windows 8 compatibility.
  • Changed links to new website for updating.
  • Now analysis starts automatically when open the tab.

v1.1.9 (28/09/2010)

  • Fixed a bug with resident memory.
  • Added French (thanks, Jérôme Martinez!)
  • Added an app in order to find updates and install them. (The download may fail because of my harmful free hosting; if it occurs, make me a donation and I'll buy a better hosting :D)

v1.1.8 (15/09/2010)

  • First release

[Windows] Last version


Version: 1.4.1

MediaInfo version: 21.9.0

Release date: 30/10/2021

[Android] Last version


Version: 1.0.20141112

Release date: 12/11/2014




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